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SUPERSEDED by the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

Established as one of the bestselling electric scooters internationally, the Xiaomi M365 Pro has a larger battery which pushes its top speed up to 30km and its claimed maximum range out to 45km and allows you to take your journey further. With front wheel drive and increased motor output, the Xiaomi M365 Pro is better equipped to tackle inclines than Xiaomi’s entry-level M365. An 8 hour charging time means that you can charge it overnight fully without having to ever worry about an empty battery.

8.5 inch inflatable tubed tyres provide a comfortable and smooth ride and ensuring that your tyres are always inflated to 50psi will minimise the risk of punctures on your escooter.

There is the option to have your new Xiaomi M365 Pro additionally waterproofed. We use a weather proof clear silicone to seal the base and internal components of your electric scooter including the controller and battery. We install a silicone dashboard cover to keep the water out of your e-scooter dash. Say goodbye to worrying about punctured tyres and purchase your new Xiaomi M365 Pro with puncture-proof semi-solid honeycomb tyres pre installed. Give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve and never find yourself pushing your electric scooter home. No tyre maintenance costs!

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Our unrivalled two-year warranty on scooters provides you with peace of mind for an additional year over and above the one-year manufacturer warranty. Our repair centre handles all warranty repair in-house with an average turnaround time of two working days on all warranty repairs.

We hold full stock of Xiaomi and Segway Ninebot spare parts in our Dublin electric scooter repair centre. We also have a range of spare parts in stock for Kugoo, Zero and other brands with access to parts for all e-scooters from our trusted suppliers.

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