Four Reasons Why Your Electric Scooter Is Getting Flat Tyres

Four Reasons Why Your Electric Scooter Is Getting Flat Tyres

Maintaining the optimal condition of your electric scooter is crucial for smooth and enjoyable rides. One common issue that can put a dampener on our two-wheeled adventures is flat tyres. 

Maintaining the optimal condition of your electric scooter is crucial for smooth and enjoyable rides. One common issue that can put a dampener on our two-wheeled adventures is flat tyres. Fear not, as today we're going to dive into how you can troubleshoot flat tyre issues with your electric scooter.


1. Low Tyre Pressure

First up, let's talk about the impact of low tyre pressure on our scooters. Low pressure increases the likelihood of pinch flats. Picture this: you encounter a curb or a pothole, and your tube gets pinched, resulting in a flat. To avoid this, make it a habit to check your tyre pressure regularly and ensure it's at the recommended level. Proper maintenance goes a long way in preventing these pesky flats.

2. Damaged Rims

Another culprit behind flat tyres is damaged rims. Nicks and damage on the outside or inside of the rim can lead to punctures. It's important to inspect our scooter rims periodically and address any signs of damage promptly. By keeping our rims in good shape, we minimise the risk of unexpected flats.

3. Environmental Factors

Our surroundings play a significant role in the longevity of our scooter tyres. Glass shards and little bits of steel scattered on the roads can easily puncture our tubes. While we can't control the environment entirely, we can take precautions. Stay vigilant and choose routes with fewer hazards whenever possible. Remember, a proactive approach is key to preventing flats caused by external factors.

4. Bad Luck and Recurring Flat Tyres

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, bad luck strikes and we find ourselves facing the frustration of recurring flat tyres. But don't lose hope! Keep trying different solutions. In cases where recurring flats persist, it might be time to consider switching to solid tyres as a viable alternative. Solid tyres eliminate the risk of punctures altogether and provide a more hassle-free riding experience.

We have a number of solid tyre options available to purchase online or at our electric scooter repair centre in Blanchardstown, Dublin:

 Electric Scooter Solid Honeycomb Tyre Black €35
Kugoo M4 & M4 Pro Electric Scooter Solid Tyre (suitable for LOCO Motion Pro front-wheel) €45
Segway Ninebot G30 Max Semi Solid Tyre €45
Electric Scooter Honeycomb Tyre Neon Green €30
Electric Scooter Solid Honeycomb Tyre Red €35
Electric Scooter Solid Honeycomb Tyre Blue €35

Prevention and Maintenance Tips:

Now that we understand the reasons behind flat tyres, let's explore some prevention and maintenance tips to keep our electric scooters rolling smoothly:

  • Regularly inspect your tyres for signs of wear, cuts, or embedded debris.
  • Maintain optimal tyre pressure according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Develop good riding habits, such as avoiding rough surfaces and sharp objects. Consider investing in puncture-resistant tyres, which offer enhanced protection against flats.
  • Stay informed about local road conditions and plan your routes accordingly. Familiarise yourself with basic tyre repair techniques, such as patching or tube replacement.


How much does it cost to repair a puncture in Ireland?

The cost of repairing a puncture will depend on the specific requirements of your electric scooter. If you would like a quote call us or pop into our shop in Blanchardstown. 

Here at LOCO Scooters, the expert electric scooter mechanics at our repair centre in Blanchardstown are ready to help you put an end to your current puncture woes and help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Who Do I Call When I Get a Flat Tyre?

Should you unfortunately pick up a puncture, customers can organise a tyre repair service in Dublin by calling our dedicated team of mechanics on 01 524 2062

We will quote every customer before carrying out any work on their electric scooter to ensure they know what to expect when it comes to footing the bill for their electric scooter tyre repair in Dublin. 


Do You Offer a Mobile Tyre Repair Service?

We do not currently offer a mobile tyre repair service in Dublin for electric scooters but we would encourage all scooter owners to visit our fully-kitted out electric scooter repair centre in Blanchardstown. 

Get in touch with our team by phone (01 524 2062) or email ( to ensure your electric scooter is inspected at the earliest opportunity. But where can I find services for electric scooter tyre repair near me?

LOCO Scooters is based in Blanchardstown, Dublin, and is served by a number of Dublin Bus routes, including the: 38, 40D, 220, 236 and 238. Our shop and repair centre in Dublin is also easily accessible by car via the M50, M2 and M3. 

Maybe you don’t have the time to visit us. Don’t worry. You can buy an electric scooter inner tube on our website. 

Check out our range of electric scooter tube replacement options below: 

 E-scooter tube replacement 10-inch angled valve €15
E-Scooter Tube Replacement 10 Inch Straight Valve
E-Scooter Tube Replacement 11 Inch Angled Valve €20
E-Scooter Tube Replacement 200x50 Angled Valve €15
E-Scooter Tube Replacement 8.5 Inch Angled Valve  €15

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