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How to unlock the speed on a Fiido M1 Pro electric bike

The Fiido M1 Pro electric bike out of the box has its speed capped at 25km/hr. With some small configurations (no need to change the firmware or anything risky) you can set the speed to 47km/hr. You can do this in two easy steps.

Step 1: Unlock the motor

Pull the right brake handle and hold the throttle together for 3-5 seconds. After this, press the power button (M) while still holding the brake handle and throttle down. The display will flash E2. E2 means the motor is unlocked and will accelerate to 47km/hr. Now the motor is turning much faster than before; however, it does not show the increased speed on this display. This is because the display needs to be unlocked.

Step 2: Unlock the display

To unlock the display, press the two buttons on the display simultaneously. Hold until the display starts to flash. When it flashes, quickly press up and then down. The display is now unlocked, and you will see the speedometer go above 25km/hr when you hold the throttle down.

You can redo the two steps to undo their effects. If you want to reconfigure the display to a maximum of 25/km, redo step 2.

If you want to reduce the speed to 25/km, redo step 1.

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