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Earlier this year Paddy O'Brien our co-founder and Director featured on the Last Word with Matt Cooper to discuss electric scooter legislation. Guests included John Lahart, Fianna Fail TD for Dublin South-West. The Bill proposed by John Lahart is one of many in the ongoing movement of e-scooter regulation. As the legislation around electric scooters is changing week by week as it is developed, parts of this discussion may be super-seeded by new information. Below are some snippets from the discussion. 

Electric Scooter Shared Schemes

The bill proposed by John Lahart would allow for electric scooter shared schemes to be rolled out in cities across Ireland as part of a tendered scheme procured by the government. Legalisation of the private ownership of electric scooters would be pushed out to a later date following the results of the effects of electric scooters from the shared schemes. 

Check out the full conversation here 


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