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LOCO on Techtalk with Jess Kelly and Charlie Gleeson

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With electric scooters becoming more and more of a topic of interest with news of changing legislation and whispers of sharing schemes making their mark on Dublin City we spoke with Charlie Gleeson of Zipp Mobility and Jess Kelly from Techtalk on Newstalk to give the listeners a idea of what this world really looks like from a retail and electric scooter repair perspective and also in terms of sharing schemes.

In this short chat one of our founders, Paddy O'Brien, speaks about his observation of the use of electric scooters internationally, why it's so important that e-scooter riders wear a helmet and what to do when your electric scooter needs repairing (bring it to LOCO).

Paddy also takes you through his top 5 tips for buying an electric scooter, especially at Christmas;

  1. Check out how long the electric scooter shop has been operating by checking social media posts. Don't buy from a seller that popped up out of the blue just in time for Black Friday sales and Christmas.
  2. Check out reviews to make sure you're buying the best electric scooter available from the best seller - one that will honour warranty if and when you need it. You need a seller that is going to be able to fix your electric scooter if it breaks. Look for Trustpilot verified reviews from genuine customers of the business.
  3. Ask what the warranty is and who is the warranty provider. Only buy from someone who does their own electric scooter repair work and warranty service. You do not want to end up having to ship your scooter to mainland Europe for repair if it breaks. You're entitled to 12 months minimum.
  4. You need to spend over €400 to get a good quality teenager or adult electric scooter. You'll end up with a big repair bill over 12 months with a cheap scooter.
  5. Buy from a retailer that has a physical store that you can walk back into if you have an issue with your e-scooter. Nothing beats being able to walk in and talk to a person face to face.

If you're thinking of buying an electric scooter as a Christmas gift then why not call LOCO Scooters today or drop into our shop in Blanchardstown to talk to an expert about your new e-scooter.

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