What is cruise control on an electric scooter? And should I use it?

What is cruise control on an electric scooter? And should I use it?

Simple is better, right? Not always. Just because your electric scooter has cruise control, doesn't mean you have to use it or should use it. The latest electric scooters on the market are all likely to have cruise control, but you should weigh up the pros and cons before you begin to rely on it.
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What are the benefits of cruise control on an electric scooter?

Comfort is a major priority for electric scooter owners and long straight stretches provide us with a safe and sensible option for utilising cruise control. Here's a few benefits to using cruise control:

  • Travelling at a consistent speed is effortless as you no longer have to constantly adjust your throttle.
  • Reducing fatigue in your hands and wrists will keep you feeling good throughout your day.
  • Relaxing your grip allows riders to enjoy a more comfortable journey.

The downsides of cruise control on an electric scooter

However, for all the benefits to using cruise control, there are also plenty of downsides which every electric scooter owner should be aware of. E-scooter users should be wary of:

  • The challenging aspect of reacting to unexpected situations because you are not directly controlling your speed.
  • If you are new to electric scooters, using cruise control means you won't slow down by simply letting go of the throttle. 
  • The battery on your electric scooter may drain more quickly when trying to maintain higher speeds - particularly on hilly terrain or in windy conditions. 

What are the best practices for using cruise control on an electric scooter?

Here are some best practices for using cruise control on your electric scooter. 
  • Using cruise control exclusively on long straight stretches.
  • Being aware of your surroundings so that you are prepared to brake if necessary.
  • Relying solely on cruise control to maintain your speed is unwise - always be prepared to engage your throttle.
  • Using cruise control sparingly and when you feel comfortable.


Like with many things, cruise control should be used in moderation and it is best suited for certain conditions. More experienced e-scooter users are likely to feel confident adopting cruise control but beginners should take their time before making the switch. 

Cruise control is best suited to long straight stretches and can enhance your ride thanks to increased comfort levels. Make sure you feel confident in your choice and as always - remember to wear a helmet. If you want to see some great electric scooters with cruise control, check out our high performance electric scooters. 

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