Collect & Return Pricing

For all Dublin City postcodes (excluding Dublin 13), our collect & return fee is €10 each way. For surrounding areas, including Dublin 13, it’s €20 each way.

Collections outside Dublin that are in Leinster are quoted on a case by case basis.

This includes collection of an e-scooter or bike to and from our repair centre. It does not include the cost of repair.

If an electric scooter or bike requires a key to start this must be sent in order for LOCO to test the scooter. If we do not receive a key we may refuse to carry out the repair until a key is provided.

LOCO will organise for collection and/or return when we have received your submission through the form above. Further details of packaging etc. will be provided when you complete the form.

Terms and Conditions

Inspection Fee

For all repairs that require a detailed inspection to understand the issue, we will undertake the required inspection and then provide a quote for repair. If you choose not to proceed with the repair, a €30 inspection fee will be charged. This is separate to the collect & return fee.



It is our policy to quote for a repair only if the repair will cost more than €60. By checking your scooter into our repair centre, you are deemed to have given approval for any work up to and including €60. Anything above this will be quoted.


Abandoned Items Policy

We are limited on space and as such, we allow you 14 days from the date that you are informed that your scooter or bike is ready, for you to come and get it, or make yourself available for us to return it to you. From day 15 to day 28, we will continue to store your scooter or bike, at a cost to you of €2 per day. On day 29 your scooter or bike is considered abandoned, and we will dispose of it or recycle it as we see fit. We will inform you by way of a phone call that your scooter or bike is ready to collect. If we are unable to reach you by phone, we will email you. Where you have told us in advance that you will be unavailable until a certain date, we may consider making an allowance.



Your limited product warranty on an electric scooter, bike, accessory, or other item purchased from LOCO Scooters does not include free collection and return of the item in the event of a repair or return which is covered by warranty. Should you wish to avail of your limited product warranty, you are required to return the item to us at LOCO Scooters Ltd, 13G Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15. Should you wish to avail of our collect & return service, the above pricing will apply.


Collect & Return Terms

We will agree a day with you in advance and on the day will contact you to let you know when we are on the way. It is your responsibility to let us know if there is a part of the day when you will not be available. Upon arrival at your address, we will contact you by phone to let you know of our arrival. If it is not appropriate to contact you by phone we will use your doorbell. The driver will wait at your address for 10 minutes before leaving and this is considered a 'missed appointment'. Missed appointments are charged to the customer at the same rate as the collect and return charge quoted.