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If you don’t regularly keep the tyres on your electric scooter pumped to the recommended pound per square inch (PSI) it can lead to reduced performance, or worse, punctures and damage to the rims of your electric scooter’s wheels. 

While air filled tyres may require a little more upkeep, the benefits of ride quality, such as smoother handling and better road grip, make them an attractive option for many e-scooter riders.

The majority of electric scooters on the market come with air filled tyres so let's take a look at why maintaining tyre pressure is important:

1. Puncture Resistance

Keeping tyres pumped to the recommended PSI helps avoid punctures. If the tyres on your electric scooter are left decompressed it increases the surface area of your tyre in contact with the road, making them more prone to punctures. They are also more likely to deform if you ride into a kerb where a tyre can be pinched between the rim of your electric scooter and an obstacle.

We’ve seen many electric scooters in our repair centre where the customer claims the tyres are pumped but they are only reading at 15 - 20 PSI (well below recommended) when we carry out an inspection on them. If you are wondering what the PSI is on your electric scooter’s tyres, have a look on the wall of your e-scooter’s tyre where the PSI will be noted. 

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2. Tyre Grip

Having the tyres of your electric scooter inflated to the correct pressure allows for optimal grip on hard surfaces. Although an increased surface area from running lower tyre pressure can be beneficial under certain conditions, such as off-road or loose terrain surfaces, tyres are generally designed to work at their recommended levels of pressure as specified by the manufacturer.

3. Greater Range

Another benefit of running your electric scooter tyres at the recommended pressure is reduced friction (known as rolling resistance). More friction means there’s more effort required from your motor and battery to propel your electric scooter. 

Because electric scooters operate only using a motor and battery to move you, you rely on them completely. Properly inflated tyres in this instance will increase the range of your battery, with an added bonus that your electric scooter’s motor won’t need to work as hard. Complications where a motor burns out an electric scooter’s controller have been observed due to rolling resistance. 

If you think you have a battery or motor issue with your electric scooter please contact us to make an appointment for an inspection.

4. Longer Tyre Life

Low tyre pressure leads to increased wear and tear on your electric scooter’s tyres. An increased surface area due to low pressure and excess tyre defection causes the rubber to be worn away. This is visible on the external face of your e-scooters tyre, but more so when a tube is being replaced and the inside of the tyre is visible. With increased wear and tear internal tyre wiring becomes visible and exposed to the tube increasing the chance of getting punctures.

Final Note:

At LOCO we have a fully dedicated electric scooter repair centre that can fix your punctures and provide you with new tyres. Our technicians can turn around e-scooter puncture repairs in minutes. If you are sick of punctures, we have a variety of solid tyres for electric scooters that we can install to rid you of that headache. Check out our article on air-filled tyres versus solid tyres here. 

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