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Electric Scooter Safety Tips 

Electric scooters are a relatively new product in Ireland and although they are a lot of fun to ride, it’s important to understand how to use them safely. Below we have a look at a few key safety tips when it comes to using your electric scooter. 

Read the Electric Scooter’s Manual

There are many different brands of electric scooters on the market. Each with their own specifications and controls. Familiarise yourself with your electric scooter’s motor power, speed, controls and lights by reading over your e-scooters manual. The manufacturer’s outline how to operate your electric scooter safely. Understanding the different modes on your e-scooter ensures you can be at the appropriate speed setting for the environment you’re using it in. The manual will also guide you on the basic upkeep of your electric scooter. 

Protective Equipment

We have a saying here at LOCO Scooters “You only get one head so wear a helmet”. A helmet is an essential piece of protective equipment that you need to be wearing when using your electric scooters. E-scooters typically travel at speeds of 25-30km/h which is similar to a bicycle. Having a helmet can be the difference between a small knock and something more serious. We have a variety of helmets which complement an electric scooter. Have a look at our Dashel range below if your looking for something extremely stylish. 


Dashel electric scooter helmets

Electric Scooters Are For One Rider!

It can be tempting to show off your electric scooter and have two people on it but they’re not built for two people. You’re likely to break either your electric scooter or some bones in a crash! A lot of e-scooters in our repair centre have had broken mudguards from two people being on them. This is not only inconvenient but can also end up being expensive if your electric scooter constantly needs repairs. 

Practice Makes Perfect!

Take some time to get used to how your electric scooter works. Electric scooters can accelerate in an instant as they’re powered by an electric motor. Practice taking a few turns on your electric scooter and testing the accelerator and brakes in a safe environment. You’ll soon get used to how it handles but keep vigilant and dont’ let complacency set in when you’re driving your electric scooter. 

Check Before You Ride:

Before you use your electric scooter it’s worth taking the time to do the following checks to see if your electric scooter is working:

  1. Tyres - Are your tyres correctly inflated on your electric scooter? Make sure you have them pumped to the correct PSI and aren’t damaged. 
  2. Brakes - Check that your electric scooters brakes are working properly. Pull the brake and see if your electric scooter moves at a standing start. If it’s a thumb brake turn your e-scooter on and do the same.
  3. Battery - Is there enough battery in your electric scooter? Check and see if your battery is charged sufficiently.
  4. Throttle - Your electric scooter should have a smooth throttle with no sticking. 
  5. Damage - give your electric scooter a quick scan and see if there’s any damage to cabling or to the frame of your e-scooter. 

If you notice any issues with your electric scooter from the checklist above, why not give us a call to organise an inspection? We’ve carried out inspections on all types of makes and models of electric scooters in our in-house repair centre. We can quickly get you up and running. 


At LOCO we have a fully dedicated electric scooter repair centre that can fix your punctures and provide you with new tyres. Our technicians can turn around e-scooter puncture repairs in minutes. If you are sick of punctures, we have a variety of solid tyres for electric scooters that we can install to rid you of that headache. Check out our article on air-filled tyres versus solid tyres here. 

Want an electric scooter that has tyres that are air-filled and puncture proof? The Segway Ninebot Mac G30P is the perfect solution and it is one of the best electric scooters Ireland has to offer. Check it out!

The segway ninebot g30 max p electric scooter

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