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Unboxing a Segway G30 Max P Electric Scooter [Video]

Our unboxing series takes you on a tour of the form and function of our electric scooter range. In this video we take a look at the Segway Ninebot Max electric scooter.
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Hey everyone, check out our unboxing video of what we believe is Ireland's best electric scooter - the Segway G30 Max P. We go through the electric scooters key features and what makes it stand out against other e-scooters. Enjoy!



Hey everyone. It's Paddy here from LOCO Scooters. Today I'm going to be taking you through some of the key features of the Segway Ninebot G30 Max P electric scooter. It's our featured scooter here at LOCO scooters and I can't wait to show you some of the reasons why this is our favorite electric scooter and Ireland's best electric scooter.


I'm just going to show you quickly how to assemble it. So it comes like this you simply take the steering pole in one hand and the handlebars in the other hand, making sure to tuck away the power cable carefully. And then we put the steering pole into the handlebars. And then it's just a matter of putting in. We get six screws and a hex tool for inserting them. A little trick here is to maybe not drive the screws all the way in, just put each one 50% of the way in because they can have a tendency to pull the steering pole handlebars off line, and then you get to the other side and it's very difficult to put the screws in. It's actually six screws for the G30 Max P electric scooter and its four for most others. So half the way in. That's the G30 Max fully set up. As you can see, it takes maybe two minutes to put the screws in. So I'll just show you how you stand up the steering pole it's as simple as just standing it up, securing it with the front clip, and then you use it at the plastic collar, which you press into secure.


The G30 Max Segway is LOCO scooters featured product on our website. It's our bestselling electric scooter and it's our favourite. I'm going to start from the ground up and explain to you all the differences between this and the lower spec models. Starting with the tyres, they're 10-inch inflatable rubber tyres. These are tubeless and much less prone to puncturing as they include a layer of anti-puncture jelly, which self-heals any small punctures you might get from glass and stuff like that on the streets. One of the most notable differences about the G30 Max P is that the motor is in the rear wheel and it's a 350 watt brushless motor. Rear wheel drive means that the electric scooter is much more powerful from a standing start and it's also far better at going up hills and dealing with wet ground.


The Segway G30 Max P electric scooter can be turned on by simply pressing the power button. It can be turned off by long pressing the power button. Remaining battery life is indicated by the four lamps at the bottom. So three out of four means at least 75% of the battery remains. On the digital dash you also have an indication of the speed you're traveling. You also have three driving modes, eco, drive and sport, and to toggle through them, you simply double press the power button. To turn the front lamp on and off you just single press the power button, and then to turn it off single press again. The G30 Max P is driven by the electromagnetic thumb operated throttle on the right hand side here. So you kick the e-scooter off to five kilometers per hour, and then you depress the throttle and the scooter will do the rest.


As I demonstrated at the start of the video, folding and unfolding the electric scooter is as a simple as removing the plastic clip, flipping down the steering catch and just dropping the handlebars. There's a little catch on the back of the handlebars, which clips on to a clip on the rear mud guard, and that lets you carry the scooter. The electric scooter is quite heavy because of the increased battery capacity. So quite like the other Segways and the Xiaomi M365 series, your brake will brake the motor and the kinetic energy recovery system will turn recoverable energy from the breaking motor into stored energy in the battery. One of the notable differences with the braking system is that the handle brake is not a calliper brake on the rear wheel like the Xiaomi's it's a drum brake on the front wheel.


So quite similarly to the M365 series by Xiaomi the battery and the main control board are contained underneath the deck and the battery compartment here, the battery is quite large on the Segway Ninebot G30 Max. It's capable of moving the electric scooter up to 65 kilometers on a single charge. Real-world application of the battery range is something more like 45 to 50 once you take into consideration the speed of the rider, size and the terrain, the most impressive feature of the G30 Max is the increased battery capacity of 65 kilometers max range, making this electric scooter, the ultimate companion for the boot of your car or for camper vans for those weekends away. So thanks for watching guys. We provide an unrivalled warranty on all our electric scooters and nationwide delivery is free. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook @locoscooters. Thanks guys.

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