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LOCO Scooters Are One Year Old!

Check out everything that's been going on behind the scenes and in front of the cameras at LOCO Scooters over the past year.
LOCO Scooters electric scooters turn 1 year old

LOCO Scooters Are One Year Old!

The past 12 months have flown by and we are delighted to be moving into our second year of business. Our electric scooter shop and repair centre has seen significant changes over the last few months with a relocation to Blanchardstown, expansion of our team and building a community of electric scooter users who love our products and service. We’ve been working hard to make buying an electric scooter or getting an electric scooter repair as easy as possible for our customers. Let’s take a look at how our business has developed over the past year.

We’re 4.9 out of 5 Stars On Trustpilot

At the time of writing this article we have over 160 reviews on Trustpilot with 97% of them being 5 star reviews (and no stars below 4 stars). We place an emphasis on always being available to talk to our customers, be it when they’re buying an electric scooter, looking for an electric scooter repair or just looking for some advice. Our customer care isn't over when you buy an electric scooter, it's for life. Follow in the footsteps of hundreds of other happy customers and get in touch with us to buy an electric scooter or get a e-scooter repair. 

Still not convinced? Check out our reviews over on our Trustpilot page !

Electric scooter review

electric scooter review for our sales service

Bigger and Better Premises!

In order to deliver the best possible service to our customers we had to find a home which allowed us to have a same day turnaround on electric scooter repairs and be in a convenient location for everyone. Our new electric scooter shop and repair centre is in Blanchardstown Corporate Park 1, and has been fitted out so we can deliver high speed repairs simultaneously on a number electric scooters. We’ve been consistently delivering same day electric scooter repairs since we opened on a variety of e-scooter models. We have a team of electric scooter repair technicians who are dedicated to delivering quality repairs on your electric scooters.

If you need an electric scooter repaired, get in touch with us or pop down to our shop. We’ll have you sorted quicker than any other e-scooter repair shop. If our location doesn't suit you why not give us a call and let us come to you!

More Variety In Electric Scooters!!

Having carried out extensive market research and having repaired hundreds of electric scooters we know which models are the best and which are terrible and should be left in the box! We started out with a handful of e-scooter models and have built up our selection to cater for all customers. Our range includes the best electric scooters Ireland has to offer with industry leaders such as the Segway G30 Max P, Xiaomi 1S , Xiaomi Pro 2Zero 10X and Zero11X. If you know what electric scooter you’re looking for, great! We deliver in 1-3 business days nationwide and most people receive their order the next business day. If you’re not sure what electric scooter is best suited for your needs, give us a call and talk to one of our sales team - we’ll know exactly what electric scooter will work for you!

Electric Scooters For Businesses

We have been working with businesses around Ireland to bring innovative transport solutions to their workplaces. One of our most recent projects was the design and install of a custom branded electric scooter charging station with an accompanying electric scooter fleet fully branded using vinyl wrapping. Separately we've provided businesses with custom branded electric scooters for their employees. Businesses also have access to our maintenance and servicing packages for full after sales support.

If you'd like to discover the benefits of electric scooters for your business please get in touch and we can run through the endless possibilities of how they can add value to your workforce, saving your company time, money and driving your organisation on its way to achieving it's environmental goals.

Onwards And Upwards

We’re going to keep doing what we do best in bringing exceptional customer care to our community in our second year and beyond. If you have any questions and want to get in touch with our team please reach out to us for a chat. 

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