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LOCO Assembles Zipp's Irish Electric Bike Fleet

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Our B2B Electric Bike And E-Scooter Services

A huge amount of what we do here at LOCO is about making our clients’ lives that bit easier and removing unnecessary hardships from their day-to-day lives. Our success in this regard is evident when you look at our Trustpilot reviews. We are rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from over 450 reviews at the time of publication. Most of these are for our electric scooter repairs and bike servicing. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a service provider who is uncommunicative, slow and inefficient, and we ensure that we are none of these things.

While you are all probably familiar with our electric scooter repair service in Dublin 15, you may not have seen our B2B service. We currently offer corporate clients preventative maintenance, repair, and assembly service on electric scooters, bikes, and bicycles. We will fix pretty much any light electric vehicle if it stays still long enough! 

Assembling Zipp's Electric Bike Fleet

We recently completed a project for our partner Zipp Mobility, another exciting Irish start-up in the micro-mobility space. Zipp has had electric scooter and e-bike ride-sharing operations active in the UK and mainland Europe for a couple of years now, and we were delighted to help them launch their first service on home soil here in Dublin. The brief was to fully assemble 30 Acton electric bikes from component level to street-ready and then commission the bikes as certified safe for use.

First, we had to figure out what each nut and bolt was and where it went (lots of trial and error), as instructions were a luxury that the manufacturer did not afford us. We then honed our skills over the second day of assembly, and with a rolling team of 4 mechanics, we cracked this job out in just over a week. We are Ireland’s only Acton electric bike experts at this rate!

Nova UCD Launch

Jason and I were thrilled to be invited to Zipp’s launch in Nova UCD in March 2022 and excited to have a go on Zipp’s cool new e-bikes. These bikes are now active in Dublin, and you can find your nearest one by downloading the Zipp app from the App Store or Playstore and taking one out for a ride today to see what all the fuss is about.

Zipp electric scooters Nova launch

Final Note

LOCO continues to position ourselves strongly to take on any contract work arising from the arrival of shared electric scooter and e-bike fleets in Ireland by continually hiring and training skilled individuals to meet the needs of a quickly growing industry here in Dublin. 

If your fleet needs expert mechanics and a team that prides itself on delivering a seamlessly efficient service, reach out to us and chat to Paddy or Jody today.

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