Inspection & Quotes

JUNE '24: We are currently accepting for repair, all electric scooters and e-bikes even those not purchased from us. We reserve the right to amend this position at any time and will post an updated notice here if so. 

We reserve the right to turn down a repair at the point of check-in. There are a number of scooters and bikes that we do not offer service for and we may turn down a repair without providing a reason. A €80 non-refundable booking deposit is taken at the point of check-in for all non-warranty repairs. This booking fee is charged at the point of booking in a repair scheduled for a future date also. This booking fee is a part payment in advance for your final bill. If you choose not to proceed with a quotation, or your item is unrepairable or a non-economical repair, we will retain this €80 as payment for time spent working on your item to diagnose the issue or provide a quote. In most cases, we need to strip your electric scooter or bike and replace what we suspect to be the faulty component, to confirm our opinion. This means that we have to do the repair to confirm the required part. If, at that stage, you choose not to go ahead with the quote, we have to undo the repair and this is time consuming, and chargeable. For punctures, the booking fee is €30.

It is our policy to quote for a repair only if the repair will cost more than €80. By checking your scooter into our repair centre, you are deemed to have given approval for any work up to and including €80. Quoting for smaller jobs impacts negatively on the workflow in our repair centre and slows us down greatly. Anything above this will be quoted.

Repair Timeline

Your position in the queue

Repair timeline


1-2 business days


3-4 business days


5-6 business days


7-8 business days


9-10 business days

Warranty repairs

1-2 business days (for inspection)

Abandoned Items

Once we have completed the repair, we will contact you and ask you to indicate a date for collection. If your scooter or bike is not collected by the agreed date, a €5 per day storage fee will be charged as we are extremely tight on space. After 1 week, if it is still not collected, your bike or scooter will be moved to offsite storage at a continued storage fee of €5 per day and we will require 2 days’ notice for collection, so that we can retrieve the item from storage and an additional €20 fee will apply. After 1 month, if the item remains uncollected, it will be considered abandoned and we will dispose of it or sell it as we see fit.

Repair Warranty 

For all repairs carried out by LOCO, we provide a 12 month warranty on the part and 30 days on the labour. There is no warranty on wear and tear parts such as tyres, tubes and any brake components. 

Warranty Items

If the item which you are checking into our repair centre is under warranty, it is your responsibility to inform us that this is the case. If you fail to inform us that there is warranty on the item, please do not be surprised if you are sent a quote for the repair. You will be required to furnish proof of purchase when checking in an item which is under warranty, and warranty is not transferable from one customer to another. There is no warranty on wear and tear parts such as tyres, tubes and any brake components. Unless you have purchased a waterproof scooter, water damage voids the product warranty in full.

By checking in your item, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions set out above.