Repair Centre

APRIL 2024: From Tuesday, 7th of May, we will no longer be in a position to offer a repair service for any scooter or bike which was not purchased from ourselves. We have made this decision reluctantly, to improve the quality of service and our repair turnaround times for customers who purchased their scooter from us. If you purchase a scooter from us, we will provide you with access to our repair centre, if you bought it somewhere else, we unfortunately cannot as we must prioritise our own customers.

We understand that this will be disappointing for a large number of very loyal customers of our repair centre over the past number of years and we are equally disappointed to have to turn these customers away. This is hopefully a temporary change to our service offering, and if the repair demand returns to a manageable level, we will revert to doing all repairs for all customers as we always have done.

We do not like to see anyone stuck and we can still offer spare parts and advice for those who wish to carry out repairs themselves. If you need parts, advice, or a recommendation for a repair centre near you, please get in touch.

Our repair terms and conditions are available to review here.

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