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VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter Review

Hey guys it’s Paddy here from LOCO Scooters, Ireland’s best electric scooter and e-bike store, and your one stop shop for all of your e-scooter repairs, electric bike fixes and bicycle maintenance and servicing, in Dublin and nationwide. We have recently added a new brand to our wide range of electric scooters, in our constant effort to stock the best electric scooters Ireland has to offer. I’m sure many of you will be familiar with VSETT electric scooters, but for those of you that aren’t, VSETT is the brainchild of the acclaimed team behind the Zero brand electric scooters, pioneers of the super scooter industry.

If you’re planning on spending upwards of €2,000 on an electric scooter, you deserve to buy it from someone that truly understands the device, inside and out. With that in mind, we do two things whenever we add an electric scooter to the range. Firstly, we test drive the e-scooter extensively over a period of 2-3 weeks, and secondly we spend a morning or an afternoon in our repair centre fully stripping and rebuilding the scooter, as a team, to educate ourselves on the design, build and functionality. You’re going to need the support of a team who can provide quick and easy repairs if you should ever need them!

Since I’m the one responsible for selecting the products that we sell at LOCO Scooters, I’m also the lucky guy that gets to take them home and try them out over a couple of weeks. It has been my absolute pleasure to ride the VSETT 10+ so far, and I’m going to take you through some of the things I loved the most and also a couple of areas where I see room for improvement.

man standing beside Vsett 10+ electric scooter under a highway


The VSETT 10+ is available in 3 versions, VSETT 10+ LITE (20.8Ah battery), VSETT 10+ Super (25.6Ah LG battery) and VSETT 10+ Pro (28Ah LG battery) and for each version, LOCO Scooters offers a waterproof option which we absolutely recommend you go for if you plan to use your electric scooter in Ireland - we all know what the weather is like! Each version comes equipped with dual 1400w BLDC motors, each with a 60v controller housed within the deck beside the battery. As usual, you can choose between riding single motor (rear), or dual motors, by toggling the DDM button on the left hand side of the handlebars. Power output in dual mode is pretty insane and can generate quite a bit of torque and front wheel spin. For that reason, I’ve taken to using single mode when in traffic and from a standing start at traffic lights and junctions. Once I’m moving and clear of other vehicles, I toggle back into dual mode and get moving properly. You can also access the “P” settings via the display to turn down acceleration/torque, and that’s something I’ll cover in another post.

man carrying Vsett 10+ electric scooter with both hands


The stock tyres supplied on the VSETT 10+ electric scooter are the same as the tyres on the Zero 10x. They’re 10x3 inch, or 80/65-6.5 depending on which system of measurement you are most comfortable with. These are pneumatic with a 10x3 inch inner tube, and the split rim system makes repairing punctures slightly easier. You will need to be careful doing these yourself however, as each wheel houses one of the 1400w motors, and if you cause any damage to the motor or wiring, you may impact the warranty. If in any doubt why not contact our electric scooter repair centre in Dublin 15, or even avail of our nationwide collect and return electric scooter repair service and let us fix your electric scooter for you.

Vsett 10+ electric scooter front wheel close up


The VSETT 10+ makes use of front and rear hydraulic calliper disc brakes. These brakes are typically Nutt branded brakes or sometimes we see Zoom brand brakes used. In either case, VSETT has rebranded the brake block with the VSETT branding which is pretty cool. These callipers grab a 160mm brake rotor / disc and I have found them excellent. These hydraulic brakes are extremely easy to modulate but can go into a skid pretty easily so it’s key to learn to feather the brakes when you’re getting used to riding this fast electric scooter. 


Front and rear mudguards come as standard and carry the VSETT branding and also a really cool carbon fibre looking detail on the sides. The super-bright taillight and headlight are integrated into the mudguards and provide great visibility in low-light conditions. A minor complaint I have is that there is no standalone button for controlling the lights. Turning the lights on and off is done by long pressing the up button on the display. A set-back that I found with the Zero 10x was with the mudguards. No matter what, my entire back was destroyed in mud and water after riding in wet conditions. This was not an issue in all my time riding the VSETT 10+ and I rode it on the absolute worst days in early March. You are going to need a waterproof electric scooter if you want to ride in the rain.

Vsett 10+ electric scooter mudguard


An age-old issue for anyone riding an electric scooter is how to let other road users know that you’re turning since removing one hand from the handlebars of your electric scooter at speed is not an option. This issue is solved expertly by VSETT, integrating left and right turn signals into the front and rear of the deck. These are pretty bright and really easy to use with the control buttons built into the handlebar grips. My only issue with these is that once the indicator has been turned on, it flashes 30 times before switching off and can’t be turned off manually. I find that they are still flashing long after I’ve made the turn. I’m sure there’s a way around this and I’ll figure that out and update this post when I figure it out.



The VSETT 10+ electric scooter is super-smooth to ride. It’s got hydraulic suspension at the rear, upon which the rear stand-plate is mounted. This gives impressive stability to the ride quality. At the front it’s a standard spring suspension which arguably could be a little softer but still delivers a beautifully smooth ride.

Vsett 10+ suspensions system


The deckpad on the VSETT 10+ is suitably wide and was almost perfect for me. I’m 6 foot tall or 1.83m depending on your persuasion and I’ve got size 10 or EU size 44 feet so I’m slightly bigger than average size but not a giant by any means. VSETT have brought the dual charging ports up onto the surface at the front end of the deckpad in an effort to protect them from accidental or crash damage. The reason I say the deckpad was almost perfect for me is because at times I find myself standing on the charging ports - there may have been a better place to mount these but they’re OK. It’s got the rubberised VSETT branded cover which I find delivers excellent grip even in the wettest of conditions. This is wipeable with a damp cloth to clean, unlike the Zero 10x deckpad which is finished with grip tape.

close up picture of the Vsett 10+ deck pad


My favourite part of the hardware on this spectacular electric scooter is the 3-step folding mechanism. Ask anyone who has owned a Zero 10x electric scooter what they thought of the steering pole and folding mechanism and every one of them will use the exact same word: “wobble”. This has been resolved in spectacular fashion by VSETT, making use of a hook and pin system, secured additionally by a bolt into a threaded hole on the steering pole. As if this wasn’t enough, there’s a spring loaded locking pin on the left hand side of the steering pole which offers a third layer of security to the folding mechanism. Absolutely all signs of steering pole wobble have been eliminated completely on the VSETT 10+. As an added bonus, a hanging hook on the back of the handlebars allows you to hook the handlebars onto the rear stand-plate, enabling you to pick up the scooter and carry it by the steering pole. 

vsett's folding mechanism


The handlebars on the VSETT 10+ are finished tastefully with VSETT’s signature 10+ yellow on the end caps, quick releases and the handlebar retainer in the centre of the handles. The grips are pretty comfortable and as I’ve mentioned before, the turn signal control buttons are nicely integrated and very easy to use. On the left hand side you’ve got the control panel which houses the toggle buttons for sport mode, DDM (dual or single motor mode) and the horn. Amongst all of the amazing features of the VSETT 10+, the horn is a pathetic wimpy thing and I am nearly embarrassed to use it. 

On the right hand side of the handlebars you’ve got the display and attached finger throttle. This leads me to another area of this scooter that could be and should be better. The display is difficult to see in the sunlight. It is arguable though that at high speed you should be 100% focused on the road, but should still be able to read the screen if you wish to do so. Combined with the difficulty in seeing the screen, the finger throttle is at an awkward height, meaning that the pitch of your finger is ergonomically not ideal and can lead to discomfort over longer rides. This is not a huge deal and one that you will get over pretty quickly. On either side of the handlebars you’ve also got your Nutt or Zoom hydraulic brake levers.

VSETT handlebars and throttle



So this is what you’re all here to see, right? The main event. Just how fast is the VSETT 10+ electric scooter and could it be considered one of the fastest electric scooters Ireland has ever seen? Not quite, but it is extremely fast. Standard gear settings on the display range from 1 to 3, and in dual mode in the 3rd gear, the top speed as per the display is about 70km/h. Hit the sport mode button on the control panel on the left hand side of the handlebars and you get gear 5 for 2 minutes, with a maximum speed of 80km/h. Sport mode lasts for 2 minutes and when your 2 minutes are up, sport mode is then unavailable for a further 5 minutes. I’ve tested the max speed on the VSETT 10+ at just under the full 80km/h. This kind of speed is not for the faint-hearted, nor is it for a novice rider or inexperienced electric scooter user and consideration should be given to the level of safety gear you need to be wearing when travelling at high speed on a fast electric scooter.


So the version that I tested was the VSETT 10+ Super, boasting a 25.6Ah LG celled battery with a claimed maximum range of 160km. As with all electric vehicles, manufacturers claimed max ranges are just that, claimed. Through 3 full charge cycles and mixed driving, combining high speeds on open road with low speed in traffic, I was able to get 50-55km per charge each time. I was really impressed with this, making this one of the best electric scooters for long journeys that I’ve had the pleasure of using. Using the standard charger and single port charging, I was able to fully charge the VSETT 10+ in 15 hours. This means that if you need to do 50km daily and need to charge your electric scooter daily, you’re going to need to get it on charge the minute you get home from work and leave it on overnight until you’re ready to leave again. Alternatively, you can invest in a second charger and charge the battery using the dual charging ports in half the time, although this will shorten the serviceable lifetime of the battery. For an even shorter charging time, you could splash out and invest in the VSETT fast charger with higher amperage allowing for super fast charging.

two vsett 10s with two people holding helmets


I can say with confidence that this is the best electric scooter I’ve ever driven. I recently bought a new car which I absolutely love, and that has been parked idle for the full 3 weeks since I took the VSETT 10+ home. I’m due to hand it over to my colleague Jason for him to get to know this week and I’m already feeling a wave of sadness as I prepare to let this beauty go. If you have got the budget then this is really the electric scooter for you. The beauty of the VSETT 10+ is it comes in the 3 battery specs and at 3 different price points so if you don’t need the range then you can grab an absolute bargain and buy a VSETT 10+ in Dublin from LOCO Scooters for under €2,000. Check out the full spec table for this electric scooter below.

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Thomas cassin

Thomas cassin

I been looking at the vsette +10 If had the money that would be my choice but unfortunately I haven’t what could I get with 700:50£ something better than an mi!! Something that gose a little faster on on charge I you know what I mean! I probably will be out there Saturday! Let me know if you open on Saturday please 🙏



Great to hear Rob. It’s some machine! What are the 1 or 2 things you would change? Other people reading the review would be happy to hear your thoughts on it :)

Robert Fermoyle

Robert Fermoyle

Hi paddy,

Fantastic review 👍😀

Rob here I just recently purchased a vsette 10+ super model from you. Your review was absolutely spot on, right down to every detail. 1 or 2 things I would change but it’s definitely not a deal breaker not in the slightest. Every time I get on this fantastic machine it brings a smile to my face 😆 best money I’ve spent over the last decade or so. Thanks again guys 🙌

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