Electric scooters can range in speed of 10km/h up to 110km/h and above.It depends mainly on motor and battery size. Usually more expensive electric scooters have larger batteries and motors and are faster as a result. Many countries have capped the speed limits of electric scooters to 25km/h for use in public spaces. It's likely that when legislation in brought in for electric scooters in Ireland they will be restricted to 25km/h. 

E-scooters are only legal for use on private property where permission is granted by the owners for their use. In Ireland legislation is being drafted which will allow electric scooters to be legal for use in public places. The details of this are under review by government. You can check out our article. There are various bills that seek to clarify this in the dail at present. Here's a link to one.

There are many brands of electric scooters being sold in Ireland and a lot of them have poor quality parts. Whether a potential customer is buying from us or not we always recommend that they ask what's the sellers warranty terms, where do they source parts and how will their electric scooter be fixed if there's issues with them. At LOCO Scooters we carry out our warranty work inhouse so there's no waiting around weeks for a simple fix. Check out our warranty policy for further info. 

It depends on the motor output and the incline of the hill. Manufacturers specify the incline that their e-scooters can climb and you can find this in the spec tables on the product pages. 

At LOCO Scooters our products range in pricing from €449 to over €5000. In our experience from running an electric scooter repair centre we find that e-scooters that are typically under €400 have poor quality parts such as the batteries.

You can find out charging times for your electric scooter in the user manual. They typically charge in 5-6 hours but with e-scooters with larger batteries that can increase to up to 12 hours. 

Or in other words, are electric scooters waterproof? The water resistance of an electric scooter is determined by the IP rating. The greater the IP rating the greater the water resistance. We wrote an article on IP ratings which you can find here. If you're looking at an electric scooter that doesn't have an IP rating be warned they are likely replica models and are poorly waterproofed and internal components such as the controller and batteries will likely get damaged with exposure to water. 

The LOCO Motion Pro is a fully waterproofed electric scooter. Perfect for use in wet weather.

Most electric scooters sustain speeds similar to bicycles. As such similar personal protective equipment such as a good helmet and hi vis clothing is advised. In Ireland electric scooters are not legal for use in public places and shouldn't be driven on the roads. It's also worth noting that the driving behaviours of the user will be a factor in the safe use of the electric scooter. 

Most e-scooters can be pushed or free wheel when going down hills. It's not advised to use an electric scooter manually as it may cause issues with the electric scooter's motor. Also most electric scooters have braking systems which are only operating when the e-scooter is turned on.  

At LOCO Scooters we carry out repairs on all models of electric scooters at our repair centre.

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