In a time of heightened cyber fraud, and credit card scams, LOCO Scooters is committed to protecting its inventory from theft and those individuals acting fraudulently. As such, it is our prerogative to invoke our anti-fraud policy at any such time as we should choose to do so. We take the following measures to ensure that our inventory is safeguarded against the ill intentions of fraudsters;

  • We do not accept payment over the phone for electric scooters or e-bikes. We make no exception to this rule, and we apologise for any inconvenience that this causes to genuine customers. All such orders must be placed online on our website.
  • Our payments handler Stripe Payments monitors every online payment for fraud, comparing each transaction to a database of previous transactions to identify indicators of potentially fraudulent activity. Where such activity is identified, it is flagged as high risk for our attention.
  • Where an order is flagged as a high risk of fraud, we insist that the individual receiving the item provides us with the physical card used to make the purchase, and it must be in their name. We require photographic identification for the person also, and this must match them in both appearance and name (the name must match the bank card). If the person cannot provide this, we will presume that the transaction is indeed fraudulent and we will refuse to release the order to the person.
  • We invoke the above requirements for ID and a physical bank card before delivering an item to any individual who attempted to use more than one credit or debit card to complete the transaction.
  • For all orders placed with a Tesco Mobile (089) phone number attached to the delivery, we invoke the above requirements, given the ease and anonymity with which a Tesco Mobile sim card can be obtained.
  • For each and every transaction that is flagged to us as a high risk of fraud, whereby the customer cannot satisfy us that they are not acting fraudulently, we report the person to An Garda Síochána providing their name, address and IP address for ease of identification.

Credit card fraud affects everyone financially, with corporations building additional margin into their pricing to offset the loss caused by fraud. LOCO Scooters Ltd takes its obligation to protecting its genuine customers from increased pricing as seriously as it takes its commitment to protecting its assets from fraudsters.