LOCO Motion Pro

Warranty: 2 Years (FREE)
Theft Insurance: I don't need it
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Up to 32km/h
Max range 45km
Built-in indicators and lights
Anti theft locking card
10 inch solid rear tyre / pneumatic front tyre
Fully Waterproof
Charge 4.5 Hours
Up to 15% Incline

Anti-theft NFC Card

The LOCO Motion Pro is unlocked with a unique anti-theft NFC card. Tap your NFC card on the dash to unlock your electric scooter. The scooter will emit a beeping noise if it's moved without being unlocked by the NFC card.

High Performance Suspension

With the LOCO Motion's high-performance suspension, you'll be able to glide over bumps and rough terrain easily. The suspension combined with a 10-inch pneumatic tyre makes the ride incredibly smooth.

Powerful 500W Motor

If you're looking for a scooter that can take on the hills, look no further than the LOCO Motion Pro electric scooter. The 500W motor can easily tackle inclines and take on hills without dropping speed.

What makes the LOCO Motion Special

Fully Waterproof

The LOCO Motion Pro is fully waterproof and perfect for riding in Irish weather. For peace of mind, we cover water damage for two years under our exclusive warranty so that you can ride through the wet weather with confidence.


The 500W rear-wheel motor crushes hills and reaches top speed in seconds. The LOCO Motion can carry up to 120kg so you can power ahead and leave other electric scooters in your dust.


Fold up and carry it easily! The LOCO Motion is foldable and simple to carry onto other forms of transport, put in the boot of your car or bring into the office and charge while you're at work.

High Visibility

It's got a bright LED headlight, turned on at the press of a button. The rear wheel has integrated brake lights and indicators (controlled from the handlebars). Reflectors on the front and sides provide high visibility at all times. Be safe and be seen.

Customise Your Ride With
The Green Drive App

Download the Green Drive app to customise your LOCO Motion Pro's settings. Check your ride history, battery capacity and temperature.

Use the app to;

  • Turn on the light
  • Change speed modes
  • Emit a beeping noise to locate your scooter
  • Change the speed limit
  • Lock your motor

Download the Green Drive app on the Apple or Google app stores.

Beat fuel charges, the bus and save time!

The LOCO Motion Pro offers an exciting and affordable way to commute. It's only €0.22 to charge fully from flat, charges quickly and is highly portable, making the LOCO Motion Pro perfect for everyday commutes. One charge can cover a long-range commute or multiple short ones.

22 cents a charge

The LOCO Motion Pro only costs 22 cents to charge fully! A charge can last for a maximum of 45km, making this a cheap and effective form of transport.

45km max range

Cover long distances with a single charge. The LOCO Motion Pro has a maximum range of 45km (eco mode). Hit up to 30-35kms when driving full speed in sport mode.

4.5 hours fast charging

The 3Ah fast charger for the LOCO Motion Pro charges the scooter 56% faster than other scooters. Get from flat to full battery in 4.5 hours! The charger is light and easily fits in your backpack.


These customers love the LOCO Motion Pro. Check out what they had to say about Ireland's only waterproof electric scooter!


“Great scooter. Surprised with how powerful it is going up hills.”


“A smart fast solid value scooter. Replacing my short car journeys!”


Delighted with the LOCO Scooter. Lots of extra features versus the Segway scooter I previously had.”

Max Rider Weight 120kg. Fully Charge In 4.5 Hours.

The LOCO Motion Pro's robust suspension and 10-inch pneumatic tyre keep the ride smooth and comfortable. The powerful 500W rear-wheel motor allows this escooter to carry a maximum weight of 120kg. These features combine to provide an exceptional riding experience for new escooter users or seasoned riders. The electric scooter's rapid charging system fully charges the battery in 4.5 hours. In a rush? The LOCO Motion charges 1% every 2 mins meaning you can top up as you take breaks.

More Power. More Acceleration. More Control.

We designed the LOCO Motion Pro to take on hills better than any commuter electric scooter. The LOCO Motion's 500W motor blazes past Xiaomi and Segway electric scooters. 42% more powerful than the Segway Ninebot G30 Max, the LOCO Motion Pro hits tops speeds of 32km/hr in seconds. The LOCO Motion does not compromise power for speed. It delivers both. Impressively. Use the LOCO Motion's three riding modes to flow between eco, drive and sport. At your fingertips is the handle to the super responsive drum braking system. More durable and responsive than disc brakes, you have an edge over others in maneouvering your machine. The rear wheel houses two bright indicators controlled from a switch on the handlebar's left-hand side. Combine these with the powerful front and rear lights if you are a night rider.

We take care of warranty in-house with our exceptional repair service!

We take pride in our warranty work and carry out all our repairs in-house. Our exclusive warranty policy covers you for two years! With LOCO, there's no waiting around for warranty repairs.

Our repairs take place in Dublin and have a turnaround time of 1-3 days. We have all the parts required for repairs and six fully trained staff who run our repair centre.

Can't make it to our shop? We can collect your scooter and bring it to us! There is no other service like this in Ireland. We have you covered!